Hydraulic solenoid valve, turbo-bearing housing, etc. Internal cleaning nozzle shot blast machine.

MBR−22B型 姿写真
  • Features

    • Two nozzles of direct injection nozzle and rotation injection nozzle are mounted on the cabinet.
    • Robot program ensures high functionality and high accuracy.
    • Numerical control of injection quantity is possible with precision shot flow controller.
    • Set the rotation speed with the servo motor for the rotation injection nozzle of the lateral injection.
    • Cycle time is shortened due to external setup possible by internal and external gates.
    • The robot is installed outside the cabinet, maintainability is extremely good.
    • Support from mass production to multi-varieties and small volume production also.
  • Photo

    • ノズル
    • ロボット
    • 噴射ノズル
    • 噴射ノズル
    • 噴射ノズル
    • 噴射ノズル

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